A Few Curve Balls

Well, this post is much later than expected and for good reason. A lot has happened since we closed on the sale of our home. A lot of sad stuff and a lot of good stuff as well, so many mixed emotions are going on.

On March 24 we moved out of our old house and moved in with my mother-in-law, Betty, so we could save our pennies while the new house was being built. She was kind enough to share her home with us and we will always be grateful for that. Betty had been ill with COPD for many years, and on April 24 she passed unexpectedly, yet very peacefully. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to have had that last month with her, and we miss her dearly. She was the best mother-in-law a girl could ask for.

Betty’s passing was the major curve ball that was thrown our way. A few more curve balls have also been thrown, and we’re dealing with them one by one. For starters, we are having to divide the assets and get the house ready for sale. This means having an estate sale, yard sales, and finding private buyers for many antique pieces and artwork. We’re not sure how long we’ll be able to stay in the house, but it’s our hope that we won’t have to move out before the new house is complete (it’s slated for end of August right now).

We also inherited another greyhound! Meet miss Candy Well, a 12-year-old “Super Senior” hound.


Candy came to live with Betty when she was 2 years old and, as you might expect, was not able to get out much due to Betty’s health. She was spoiled rotten and was never scolded, so we are trying our best to retrain her and break some of her bad habits (one of which is using the carpet and rugs as her personal restroom – aaack!). We’re happy to report that she is thrilled to take as many short walks as we can give her, and we’re working on getting her into more social situations with other dogs.

Last but not least, we’ve finally had a good bit of progress on the house. There were a ton of approval hoops to jump through due to the site being a high-impact lot, but the footer was poured a little over a week ago and the framing is now in progress! Here are a few pics we snapped while visiting over the weekend:

Front of the new house That’s me standing in what will be our walk-in closet. The space in front of me will be our front porch.

Front of the new house

Another view from the front of the house. I won’t have much of a yard, and I’m okay with that!

The Garage

Here’s Michael standing in the middle of what will be his 3-car garage with attached workshop. This part of the house will be known as “Michael’s Wing.” Haha.

Fireplace framed out

This is taken from what will be the great room. That’s the fireplace in the middle and the two windows on each side. I’ve always read that the framing/wiring/plumbing stage is a good time to take snapshots of your house so you’ll know exactly where your studs, pipes and electrical wiring is located. Good things to know so you don’t drill straight into your cable wiring or your plumbing, right? It’s also good to note how easy or difficult it will be to secure drapery rods above your windows, which is why this picture poses a little problem. See that window in the left corner? There’s no room for a drapery rod to extend and for drapes to hang on the left side (which would be the logical side to hang a panel). Not a very useful window, huh? We’ve taken this issue to our builder at The Jones Company and are waiting to hear back from them. I’ve asked them to move both windows and the fireplace over a minimum of six inches, and to even up the space between the windows and fireplace (they were not framed out equal distances apart). We signed off on the plans but there were no measurements to show how far away it would really be from the corner. We’re hoping that the builder will understand the need for the adjustment and not charge us for this change, so I’m going to stay positive on that until I hear the verdict.

So that’s the last month and a half in a nutshell. Funny how life keeps you on your toes, huh?  I’ll be back soon to post the decision on the framing change and give you all a peek at the floor plan of the house.