This week’s vintage finds

Just wanted to pop in for a minute to show you a couple of vintage goodies I scored over the weekend.

Nashville has a little decor shop called Flair Vintage Decor and the owner, Caroline, has a great design eye. She has a mix of old and new pieces, which is just how I like to decorate my home. It’s always a balancing act! I love the look of some of the funkier vintage milk glass pieces and have picked up a couple over the past year. When I spied this little artichoke-style vase I knew it would come home with me.

milk-glass-vase It’s so different from a lot of the other pieces I’ve seen. Milk glass can go “granny” very quickly if you don’t do it just right. I find that a pop of pure white on top of my coffee table books is the perfect compliment to all the color going on in my home. They eye always needs a place to rest, after all.

The second find of the weekend was scored at Make + Model’s pop-up shoppe at the home of Brandy Adams. I swear that woman needs a storefront, she had so many goodies! Vintage furniture and home decor items were flying out her front door so fast, it was like a frenzy. I happened to spy this cute faux bamboo lamp that looked lonely, so I decided to give it a home on my brass Z table in the living room.
faux-bamboo-lamp Believe it or not, I didn’t really have much yellow going on in that room. But now I certainly do! Michael came home from work and commented that he liked the color, so I’ll take that as a confirmation that I made a wise purchase.

That’s all I have to report for now, but check back soon for another post about the most important recent addition to the Julian home. Hope everyone has a great week!