2014 In Full Swing

Rather than begin this post with many apologies for being MIA for a few weeks, I’m going to just bombard you with a bunch of stuff that’s happened around the Julian Home since the beginning of the year. How’s that for sweeping it under the rug? We’ve had some good stuff and some sad stuff, but today I’m going to keep it all on the bright side.

I Started Design School!

Some of my close friends know that I started interior design school back in January. I’ve been in some form of the design industry for nearly 20 years of my life, so this seemed like a natural move to make. I’m a Gemini and I tend to like change more frequently than most, but I have to admit that this experience has completely turned my life upside down. I’m learning to draft by hand and have spent many hours at my desk breaking my back to get homework done. I’m also learning all about the history of art and architecture, which I find fascinating. But believe it or not, my best class by far I think is Spanish. Go figure! After this semester I think I’ll be taking on classes in smaller chunks (since I’m in no big hurry) so I can enjoy and absorb everything and still be able to work and make a living. Letting go of a steady paying job has been the biggest adjustment–one that does not suit my personality type well at all. So after this semester I’ll be going back to work in some sort of design job, just not sure what kind. Only time will tell!

The Fireplace Wall

We’ve added a few things to spruce the place up around here, and also have completed a couple major projects that had been on the list since we moved in. First up is our fireplace wall. We finally ordered the stacked quartz veneers from NorstoneUSA and had them installed. It was a small change that made a HUGE difference in the room.
stacked-quartz-fireplace If you recall from earlier posts, this wall was never straight to begin with, so during installation my tile setter tore it down to the studs and straightened things up a bit before applying the cement board. Now that it’s done we could not be more pleased! The living room was full of hard, flat surfaces, but now the rough quartz has added some much needed visual texture to the room. The difference in the feel of the room is like night and day. So much better now!

The Walken

Next up is a little art project. Every year I give Michael something Christopher Walken related for Christmas. It’s a little tradition we started several years ago and it’s become sort of a joke, but we truly do love all things Christopher Walken. (Side note: Michael was an extra in the movie At Close Range starring Christopher Walken and Sean Penn. Anyone remember that movie?) This year I decided to do something a bit more personal, so I created this WPAP (Wedha Pop Art Portrait) of CW.
the-walken (It was created in Adobe Illustrator, and if you’re a graphic designer interested in creating WPAP for yourself, there’s a great tutorial here.) I had an oversized giclée printed (36×36) and then framed it with a bold chrome frame. We placed it where the Elvis painting used to be because it fit that space a lot better. We have since nicknamed this piece as simply “The Walken” and we absolutely love it. Our home has a long hallway from the front door that extends down to the living room, so if you open the door it’s the first thing you see staring back at you from the back of the house. Creepy? Maybe. Awesome? YES!

Faux Bamboo Chairs Are Done!

Remember the poor little Phyllis Morris faux bamboo chairs I rescued from the old Spence Manor Hotel? Well they got a sandblasting, a new powder coat and freshly upholstered seats. Look at these babies now!
phyllis-morris-green-bamboo-chairs They are so cute now! The spring green is just so bright and fresh, and the watercolor Katmandu Multi fabric adds the perfect pop of color these chairs needed. They are currently being used as extra seating in the dining room, and the third one is still being rehabbed. I’ll post again on that one as soon as it’s finished.

Barclay the Greyhound

I’m a huge fan of Brandy Adam’s vintage finds, so when I spied this vintage greyhound statue in her Make + Model store last month, I knew I had to have it.

barclay Barclay (yes, we named it!) had a little bit of damage but had been repaired nicely. As you can see, Michael likes to use him as a resting place for the lead at the front door. There were two of these in the shop, and I do believe the other one (which is in excellent condition) is still available. I’m a rescuer of hounds, so of course I had to rescue the one that had the roughest life. :)

Lastly, on the topic of vintage finds, Make + Model is having a Pop-Up Shoppe event here in Nashville this Sunday! If you’re in the area and want to see the best curated vintage finds all in one place, don’t miss it! Details below.
M+M-Lady-Square Hope everyone has a great week! I’ll do my very best to post more frequently. Promise!

  • Kathy@myinteriorlife

    I’m a Gemini too! I didn’t know we craved change, but that makes total sense. Love all your updates and changes. They look great!

    Hope to run into you at Brandy’s sale (it’s my daughter’s birthday, but hopefully I can sneak out and shop).

    Oh, and when I was looking back through some of your older posts I noticed your dining room table – it is the exact look I’m going for – I die for burl. If you ever see a similar one (or ever get tired of yours – you know the need for change thing ;), please let me know. Love it!!


    Thanks Gina! You are a sweetheart and your house looks amazing. Thank you so much for helping me with the Pop-Up Shoppe poster. I’ve received so many positive comments on it. Everyone loves it! See you Sunday!

  • modfrugal

    I want a Walken! We need to discuss if I can purchase a “limited edition” Gina piece!!