Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving here at the Julian home today! We’re so stuffed and thankful for the opportunity to host this holiday in our new home. It was a true testament to how well this house works for us and the way we live.

The combination kitchen/living room/dining room is awesome. We had a total of ten people for “linner” (lunch and dinner – it’s best to combine them when you’re eating that much!) and although our table technically seats eight, we managed to scoot up a couple extra chairs and got all ten of us around the table. It was cozy, yet comfortable.

If you know me, you know I like bright candy colors. And in my opinion, decorating for Thanksgiving is no reason to go all brown/rust/burgundy in here. I dressed my table with simple colorful napkins from Target, my gold flatware from West Elm, and a row of single roses in white and gold metal votive holders down the center of the table.


centerpieces I am in love with the rainbow of colors on this table! The votive holders are from ZGallerie. I picked them up on their 20% off sale yesterday and I think they made the perfect vessels for a simple centerpiece. I just plopped a single rose and a few leaves in each one and voila, instant tablescape! I have a fairly substantial chandelier overhead, so I prefer to keep my centerpieces low and stretch them the length of the table so they don’t compete with what’s overhead.

To spread the color around the house I also whipped up this quick little arrangement of hot pink roses for my coffee table. I am by no means a pro at floral arranging, but I gave it my best shot anyway.

tray-roses This is the first floral arrangement I’ve ever attempted for my house, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I gridded the top of the vase with floral tape, cut all my stems to the same length, and then just started filling the holes in the grid starting from the outside and working my way to the center. Not hard at all!


Did you guys notice the new tray? Yeah, I think I officially have a tray obsession. It may be unhealthy. But that’s a post for another day.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!