Painting, taping and more painting

Guess what I’ve been doing lately? Ah, yes, one of my favorite pastimes! I truly do love painting, whether it’s painting a wall a solid color or painting fine art on a canvas. I just zone out with my headphones on and go to town. I painted the living room in our last house at least six times in the ten years we lived there. Michael said that when the paint is as thick as our fireplace mantle I’d have to stop because we were losing square footage. :)

Last week I painted a little canvas art. Nothing complicated, just a simple chevron pattern with an array of various colors. We haven’t gotten the bonus room (aka – my art studio) or the front office cleared out yet from the move, so I broke out the yard sale table and pretty soon the walkway in my great room looked like this:
painting-in-progress Fun stuff if you ask me. This wasn’t a quick paint job because it had lots of colors that I had to hand mix to get just right, but in the end I’m happy with the result. I painted the edges gold and will probably try to clear coat this in an epoxy resin so it will be thick, glossy and shiny (remember my Obsessive-Compulsive-Oooh-Shiny-Object! disorder?). Here’s the finished canvas:

If I had to do this project again I would definitely mix up all my paints first. It would’ve taken half the time had I just buckled down and pre-mixed my paint, but sometimes the fun is in the journey, right?

Next up was the hallway. You may remember that I had plans to do this:

Striped Foyer Well that project is now underway. I know it doesn’t look like a lot, but this uses quite a bit of tape. I used Scotch Blue Edgelock tape for this, but then switched to the regular kind because the Edgelock started tearing the drywall when I peeled it off. Sometimes a product can work too well, I guess.
The first couple of stripes I measured and taped up with my mom’s help. After she left I got the swing of things and finished taping another stripe or two. It’s a tedious job and, if I’m completely honest, took WAY longer than I anticipated based on past striping projects. Or maybe my brain just blocked the taping part from memory after a few years? Who knows. This morning the hallway now looks like this:
I’m pretty happy with the results so far, but I have a lot more stripes to paint in this area. Truth be told, I think it’s going to look awesome when it’s done, but I’m concerned that the color scheme won’t connect with the back of the house very well. The center of the house is just one long hallway and you can see the great room from the front door. So I think what I’ll do is move forward with the color scheme as planned (because I really do love it), and then add some of these colors to the great room to visually tie things together.

Or I could just say screw it and be one of those artsy / eclectic / I-meant-to-do-that people that doesn’t care if things don’t “go together.” Hmmmm… we shall see.

Have any of you striped a wall or room in your house? How long did it take and were you pleased with the results?