Quick house update

Okay, I’m a slacker. Sorry! But for good reason. It’s been busier than ever in the Julian household. The past week or so has been spent preparing for the estate sale, which just ended this week and will be happening one last time next week. Gotta do a full court press to get rid of a ton of stuff!

We also managed to have a pre-drywall meeting with Bobby to go over everything that’s been completed so far and make sure it’s all good to go before they sheet rock over it all.

Pre-drywall meeting

My sis-in-law Anne and her husband Kirk were in town and came with us to lend an extra set of eyes. Kirk is an electrician and went over our wiring with a fine tooth comb.

Snack Do you think this would be a codes violation? Ha!

soffit and trim installation While we were there the crew was installing the soffit and trim. Check out that brick…it finally looks like a real house!

I’ll have to admit, we caught more things than I thought we would during this walk-through with Bobby. We are admittedly a trouble client for this builder because we’ve asked for a lot of custom stuff, so it’s extremely important to keep that custom checklist in mind when you’re building because you can easily forget about them. Here’s a quick rundown of all our custom options:

  • The gas range will have a vented stainless steel hood above it (in lieu of the microwave)
  • The microwave will be an under-counter mount like this
  • The kitchen and master bath countertops are a special order quartzite called SuperWhite (the same that we had in our last home)
  • The shop will have a separate suitcase HVAC unit and a line in the wall for the air compressor
  • The garage doors will be 8′ instead of the standard 7′
  • The smoke detector and doorbell were moved into a hallway off the main foyer
  • The family room was extended by two feet
  • Electrical outlets were added in a few closets
  • Flooring throughout most of the house will be a special order laminate (the same that we had in our last home)
  • The garden tub and standard shower was deleted and we will have a 3’x6′ glass enclosed shower and linen closet instead
  • The master bath tile is a custom 12×12 marble with a herringbone mosaic for the shower floor

Wow, that’s a lot of custom stuff when you add it all up, and I’ll bet I’ve left out a few things from the list. I’ll be honest, I never realized we had requested that many non-standard options. All I can say is hats off to The Jones Company for putting up with us!

One last thing before I go. I promised you a track photo:

Gina on the racetrack Have a fantastic weekend!