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We’re Building…Again!

So it looks like the Julians will be building a new home! How’d this all start, you ask? Well, let me explain…

The hubs and I happily married in 2003 with the understanding that we would probably not have any children. Don’t ask me why, it’s just something we’ve both pretty much known since we were dating and never really questioned it. We built our first home and moved in a few months before our nuptials. It was a vinyl-clad, builder-basic beige box. And at the time it seemed really great, but as a new couple you never really know how you’re going to live in a space. Well let’s just say the way we live has changed a lot over the past ten years.

The Julian's first home.

We are both adrenaline junkies and like to do crazy stupid stuff like riding sport bikes really fast on a racetrack. So it goes without saying that we love things that go really fast–roller coasters, muscle cars, retired racing greyhounds–those kinds of things. We adopted our sweet fur-child, Nelson, in June of 2003 from the Greyhound Pets of America Nashville Chapter, and we were privileged to have him in our lives for over nine years.

Nelson our greyhound

Our sweet fur-child, Nelson.

Let me tell you, that dog was the sunshine of our lives. As he got older our world revolved around him. When he had trouble walking we put no-skid pads and rugs down all over the house, and we even took our bed apart and put our mattress on the floor so he could still get in bed with us every night. The worst part about his aging was that there was no way for him to get in and out of the house without having to go up and down at least six or seven steps. We eventually had a make-shift ramp built over the decking steps on the back of our house just so he could get in and out without so much pain. It was far from ADA compliant, but I dared anyone to make me tear it down and let my dog suffer.

Nelson's ramp

Our make-shift plywood ramp for Nelson. You do what you have to, right?

We lost Nelson to bone cancer last August. He was my first fur-child to call my own and will certainly not be the last. He taught me unconditional love, patience, and so many other virtues. I will always be “greytful” for having him in my life. He set the bar pretty high, that one. **wipes tears**

Needless to say this next house is going to have at least one entrance that can be outfitted with a temporary ramp. We’ve put a lot of thought into what we want for our new home, and since we know we won’t have any children, it’s important for us to be able to “age in place” as gracefully as possible. While we won’t be making the entire home accessible right now, we will certainly be keeping some of the major stuff in mind. We just met with the builder to go over our plans a couple days ago, so I’ll be posting photos of the new lot soon!