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A Place for Our Stuff

I feel like we’ve moved about four times this year. We first moved all of our stuff to a storage facility and moved the rest of our belongings to the bedroom above the garage at my in-law’s house while the new house was being built. When my mother-in-law passed we felt it was best to move into the main house so that we could be with Candy, be able to answer the phone and the door, etc. Since the seasons had changed we only moved a portion of our clothes and stuff into the master bedroom in the house. Then it was time for the estate sale where we moved all the stuff in the house (it was enough to fill a 27ft. moving truck) to an offsite location for the sale. And after all that, we finally moved our stuff from the storage facility and the house to the new place. And we’re still hauling stuff, believe it or not.

There is no better way to describe this past year than this bit by George Carlin (NSFW or kids my friends):

There is no way I’m ever moving again. This has been nuts. Michael and I have a running joke now. We tell each other that we are stuck with each other no matter what. His mother Betty used to say “Divorce is not an option. Murder? Maybe.” Yes I realize we’re sick like that.

So what’s the first thing Michael did when we got furniture in place?

You never realize how nice your own bed is until you’re not able to sleep in it for months on end. After getting most of our stuff loaded into the house I quickly realized just how much stuff I had accumulated from the last place.
tchotchkes That’s only a portion of my tchotchkes laid out on the dining room table. Just too much stuff. It was time to have a yard sale. So my mom took the opportunity to haul over a bunch of her stuff, too. And suddenly, the front of our house looked like this:
yard-sale I’m happy to report that we had a successful yard sale, but we still have a few big pieces for sale which I’ll post up a little later.

Michael took the opportunity to have the garage and shop floors epoxy coated this past week. Our friend Clay from Memphis drove up and stayed with us while he executed the 4-step process. Our floors now shine like the top of the Chrysler building! I’m so jealous of these floors. Thank you Clay for making the “West Wing” of our house beautiful!
epoxy-floors Oh yes, that’s more stuff that Michael got to outfit his shop. Metal cabinets and a new motorcycle lift. It is his dream space and I’m so happy he finally has a proper shop to work on my our bikes! Notice the hot pink tailpiece and track photo prominently displayed? That’s my man! And speaking of motorcycles…


After waiting two weeks we FINALLY got our cable and internet installed. Nothing beats watching a MotoGP race over breakfast.

I’m really hoping to have the place better organized within the next week. We have about six more days to get everything out of the old house (it has sold and will be closing very soon) and then I’ll have to find a place for that stuff as well. It never ends!